MyDocTool is the leading protocol management platform enabling health professionals to automatically manage patient follow-up and reduce the risk of failure of their interventions, therapeutic or preventive programs.

For who

drawing hospital
The healthcare institutions
and the surgeons

Pre-op monitoring to prepare and inform the patient,
Post-op monitoring to secure patient follow-up,
Pre and post call optimisation for Ambulatory surgery

health professionals

Follow-up of chronic diseases, long-term follow-up of progressive pathologies in a personalized way and management of alerts in team

Medical Researchers

Studies of patients’ cohorts via customized real-life monitoring protocols

Insurance, mutual

Provide insured persons or employees with preventive protocols adapted to their living or professional environment and their most frequent health problems

Our Vision

Every year in France, more than 30 million people need to interact remotely with health professionals. Whether they are back home after surgery or because they are on long-term treatments for chronic diseases or special periods of life (obesity, accident, pregnancy, depression…) or because they are in a preventive way of maintaining their health capital, more than half of the population of the developed countries must be able to interact daily with doctors or therapists in a personalized way. With our platform for creating custom monitoring protocols, the patient has a single, and simple interface to interact throughout his life with his health professionals

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