Coaching and prévention

Health prevention is a major challenge for all :

Individuals to reduce disease and physical or psychological disorders

Companies that have social responsibility towards their employees (Absenteeism due to illness costs 60 billion euros to French companies)
The French state, one of the major challenges is to reduce health costs in France
Mydoctool allows organizations (mutual insurance companies, companies) and health professionals (physician, psychologist, physiotherapist, chiropractor, dietician…) to propose protocols for preventive follow-up on subjects that interest them:
Musculoskeletal disorders

Dietary advice


Chronic Fatigue


These protocols can be adapted to the profile of the company or segments of the target population.We also offer audits with partners (doctors, chiropractors, dieticians, sports coaches, psychologists…) in order to propose protocols that are totally adapted to each case.

Each company thus has ad hoc solutions based on:
Controlled risks from their collaborators 

Health prevention needs detected

The company’s strategy 

Health prevention policies 

Mutuals and insurance companies can thus offer value-added services for their members, start with a health prevention policy and ultimately reduce the costs of their health insurance.


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