Chronic disease follow-up

More than 10 million people in France are living with chronic diseases more or less debilitating physically and socially. By using patient monitoring protocols adapted to each pathology via our MyDocTool platform, doctors and health professionals have a simple and effective solution for themselves and for patients to monitor their health, improve their quality of life and prevent better or intervene before and during crises.
With MyDocTool,your protocols allow you to send regularly and automatically:
Any type of information (documents, images, videos, advice …) in a progressive way, adapting to your different categories of patient

Advices and reminders of tasks to be done depending on the patient’s condition (exercises, visits of controls, various tests …)

Questions allowing you to monitor the health of your patients and to be alerted in case of aggravation
The objectives achieved and the benefits of this follow-up through Mydoctool cover all issues related to chronic diseases:
Improved patient involvement

Fewer missed appointments, staggered surgeries, lost time

Optimization of the patient path and the time dedicated to their follow-up

Optimization and reduction of patient calls / recalls

Improved post-op risk management

Collection of patient information and statistics relevant to the health institution

Patient retention and recommendation
drawing follow-up
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